Wanderlusting 2019

Keeping with tradition I wanted to share where I am wanderlusting after this year. Given last year I ended up visiting none of the places I wrote about, I do have a small headstart up my sleeve with some trips already booked.

Kicking things off with .... Bratislava in Slovakia and spoiler alert I have already been!! Yup my first trip of 2019 started on the 2nd of January- no better way to start the year eh.

Next up is Paris where I am catching up with a friend and hoping to finally enjoy this city ( I have a bad track record !!)

Barcelona is making a reappearance on my wanderlust list but this time it is a go as I am off for a friends wedding and following Barcelona is Sofia where I have just entered a running race- I know shocker right! But it is with the Good Gym which is an amazing group - have a peak if you like running and doing good in your community.

After those city breaks, for the first time ever I don't have a huge pull to one big trip! I think this may be the year I reign things in a tad to focus on some others challenges but with the joy of life who knows what may happen!

Where are you wanderlusting after this year?

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