Wanderlusting 2018 - Looking Back

It's 2019, sorry what ?! Since we are somehow in another year and with all the year reviews going around it was the perfect time to check back and see if I managed to visit the places I thought I would in 2018!

In my wanderlusting post I thought I would visit Barcelona, The Azores and The Netherlands turns out I made it to precisely NONE of those places. As with the joys of travel; plans changed and new trips came about which meant for some pretty cool trips in 2018, even if they weren't where I thought they would be.

So where did I end up ?

I kicked off the year finishing my India trip, then headed to Slovenia, Portugal, California (for work) Barbados and Jersey- rather different eh and all rather special. However being the spectacular blogger that I am, unless you follow me on Instagram you would have no idea I made it to any of those. I would say a goal for this year is to blog more but to be honest we shall see how the mood/inspiration strikes!

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