Tsukiji Fish Market

Look at me go, post number two of the week! The Tokyo adventures continue, this time to the famous Tsukiji Fish Market. We got there mid morning, opting not to go for the 5am wake up for the tuna auction. Whilst I have heard that is meant to be quite something, it didn't quite seem too appealing whilst recovering from jetlag !

We wandered the outer market, and I purchased a few treats/souvenirs as I am a sucker for cute packaging . It was a bit too early for sushi, so if you aren't going for the morning auctions perhaps lunch time is better so you can sample all the treats being cooked up- it smelt divine. 

Whilst most of the main market is off limits you can wander a little into the out of bounds section to see the larger fish, although do keep out of the way of the numerous fork lifts wizzing around !

It was more than easy to fill a morning taking everything in and certainly something worth a visit! 

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