Tokyo Yūshun

At this point let's just gloss over the fact I haven't blogged in a while..... instead I am going dive into some more Japan posts, which is rather fitting as I was there a whole year ago!! I mean I refuse to believe it has been a year but timehop doesn't lie!

Right, onto the good stuff and jumping back to my first day in Japan and a trip to the Japanese Derby. You are probably thinking this is a highly random activity for day one, but my family are actually in the racing world so it was actually too good an opportunity to miss. 

If you have ever been horse racing in the UK, it is either super glam think Royal Ascot or pretty grim ie freezing your arse off in the pouring rain and loosing every bet you place. Well in Japan the Derby was a day for everyone, with an entrance fee of about £2 (for perspective racing in the UK ranges from £15-£150) 1000s of people descended on the racetrack for a day of betting, cheering and hopefully having a few winners.

The racecourse was immaculate with plenty of choices to eat, but the main priority for the Japanese was the gambling- it was serious business and people reserved their spot to view the races with newspapers, chairs and in one case someone had literally left their macbook so someone wouldn't take that seat !!!! 

It was quite the introduction to Japan and really set the scene on what to expect: cleanliness, order, respect, trust and the hight or organisation! Whilst I appreciate this isn't a day for everyone, for me having grown up around the industry it was really an amazing day to be part of.
What sporting events have you been to on your travels ? 

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