Tokyo Tower

I feel like it is almost compulsory to go somewhere high when you are in a city, well Tokyo had several options and we opted for the Tokyo Tower

You can spot the bright tower from afar, tucked in amongst the greenery. As you enter the building there are also many market stalls too- one thing I learnt in Japan is absolutely cannot shop too much ! There is stuff to buy EVERYWHERE at it is all just great, although I am a complete sucker for tourist tat. 

Back to the tower, the lifts are super efficient- of course. You are then greeted by impressive views of the skyline. From one corner on a clear day you can apparently see Mt Fuji, sadly for us it wasn't the day for it and we had to have our glimpse of the mountain from the bullet train instead! Despite it not being clear enough for a Mt Fuji glimpse the views were still great. 

Add in some glass floors and a coffee shop with matcha ice cream, whats not to like ! 

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