Fushimi Inari Shrine

After Tokyo we caught the Shinkansen down to Kyoto, obviously top of the list to visit was the Fushimi Inari Shrine where there are literally hundreds of Tori gates. 

Honestly this shrine surprised me it was so much bigger than I imagined and once you get past the initial bottle neck of tourists there is so much to explore. 

There is a circular walk you can do which is lined by the bright orange tori gates, hundreds of them, actually probably more like thousands. We optimistically thought we could walk the whole loop, that was a little bold as it is actually quite far, plus it is up steps pretty much the whole way; which given the warmth made for quite the sweaty walk, that said the views we got from where we made it to were quite something.

We easily spent a few hours there and I certainly got my 10000 steps in that day.  Whilst there are places to buy drinks along the way, which was a god send, deffo bring some water with you! Be prepared for a LOT of steps, but put the effort in as it is worth getting away from the hoards. 

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