Wanderlusting 2017- Looking Back

Its 2018- can you believe it ? No, me either !! Scarily a whole year ago I had written a post about where I was hoping to travel to in 2017. I quite boldly thought I would get to visit: LA, Cuba, Japan and Mexico. With only LA booked at the time of writing that post it was a little optimistic- for sure.

So how did I get on and where did my 2017 travels take me ? Well it was a BIG year....

I did start in LA although not for as long as planned, due to changing jobs! This meant Disney didn't happen but I did get to have dinner in Venice Beach before my next flight.

That next flight did indeed take me to Cuba !! Where I shared my tales of Havana  and Varadero  as well tips on getting around and the top ten things you should know when planning a trip and a photo blog to round my Cuba posts off.

I also started travelling a lot for work in fact I went to San Francisco, as well as Boston, New York and Austin twice each. If you travel for work you'll know it is a lot of time in offices and hotel rooms and not always as glam as it sounds!! However I was lucky to fit in a little bit of time in each for some exploring.

In between work trips I actually took a trip to JAPAN-  the destination that had been top of my bucket list since forever. It lived up to everything I had hoped for and more. Shockingly that was back in May and I still haven't blogged about it! But hey leaves some good content for this year!!

The final place on my wish list for 2017 was Mexico and in October I did indeed go. Told you it was a big year! I was actually there for the Day of the Dead festivities which were just incredible! So like Japan expect plenty of Mexico posts in due course too.

So I am not stopping there as before the year was out in late December I ended up jetting off to India for a couple of weeks of touring around. I'm still recovering from that trip as I didn't get back till mid January- quite the start to 2018 !

All in all 2017 was a rather epic year, I visited places I had only ever dreamed of,  took far too many long haul flights ( yet still not a frequent flyer, whats that about !) and pretty much ate my way around the world. Can 2018 top that? I am not sure, but hey you never know.

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