Ballie Ballerson

I absolutely love living in London as there is always new weird and wonderful things to try. A few weeks ago a friend and I headed to the adult ball pit- Ballie Ballerson (yes the name is lame!) in Dalston (it has now moved to Shoreditch). 

Expectations were, I would say, reasonably low thinking it was just another of those terribly hipster faddy things! But you know what it was absolutely hilarious we literally just laughed for the entire time. There is something spectacularly funny about throwing yourself into a pit of 1000s of glow in the dark balls. It is also surprisingly tiring and you deffo feel your age as standing back up requires a certain amount of effort !!!  

If you have a spare few hours and fancy something a little random I would so recommend going to play- and no you don't even need to have had a few bevies (although a couple of wines before did add to the amusement). I can't vouch for the drinks at the bar as we didn't have any, but they looked good. The decor was also a lot of neon- and for those of you that have been to Chiang Mai just like the infamous rooftop bar,


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