Hi y'all, I have just got back from another work trip to the States, but this time I got to pay Austin, Texas a visit. It was my first time to Texas, and Austin had been majorly hyped and to be fair it did live up to things. It was an awful lot of fun and I barely scratched the surface. 

The stunning Capitol Building at the top of Congress Street is the focal point as you drive through the city. South Congress street is home to shops filled with the weird and down right whacky. As well as the infamous Hopdoddy's. A place where burgers and goblets of frozen margaritas come together. If I am being honest I didn't even try a burger..... I got a bit carried away with the drinks. BUT the truffle fries are a little but heavenly. 

Ironworks BBQ joint is another Austin staple, where proper cuts of meat are served on basic plastic plates. The sign on the door asks you to conceal your gun- lol gotta love Texas. The place is a totol institution and if you believe all the photos on the wall everyone has visited this place, including Obama. 

About an hour out of town I also paid the historical town of Grune a visit where, we sat and listened to live music at Gristmill and wandered the quirky shops. Pretty sweet Sunday afternoon if you ask me!

I was staying at the Radisson right by the "bat bridge. So randomly 100000000s of bats, like literally no joke, live under the bridge and at dusk they come out to play. It was quite a sight watching them soar off into the evening skies. You can't quite see in the photo below, but they are there! It is also a pretty nice spot to watch the boats and paddle boarders cruise along the Colorado River. I would have loved to have gone tubing, but the 40 degree heat and my painfully pale skin would not have mixed well and I didn't fancy coming down with heatstroke/generally frying. If I head back in the Autumn I would love to try all the outdoor activities everyone raved about.

I spent Saturday night popping in and out of the dive bars on Sixth street listening to live music. More than ideal, and to be honest I didn't get to see enough. I totally have to go back, just so people can say y'all and I can be called m'am bloomin love it. 

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