Top 10 Things You Need to Know About Cuba

I love lists, I organise huge chunks of my life with various lists yet they have never seemed to make it to this blog. Until now that is....

So 10 things you should know about Cuba.

1.The rum is GOOD  and stupidly cheap. Drink it ALL and deffo bring a bottle of Havana  back with you oh and cigars too

2.Learn some basic Spanish it will make your life much easier.

3.Take a salsa lesson (with shots of rum first) it is hilarious and awkward but also majorly fun.

4.The classic cars are so cool- do take a tour around Havana in one.

5.There are two currencies- you will be spending the tourist CUC if you get confused with the local CUP you will majorly pay over the odds.

6.Avoid the tourist tat sold in basically all stalls- find the hidden treasures down the quiet streets.

7.Be prepared for pretty mediocre (okay bland food). Expect meat/fish rice and vegetables for all meals. But the pinacolada's are beaut.

8.Stay in a Casa particular- you get to meet amazing locals and get all the insider tips (knowing some Spanish will majorly help here too).

9.Go snorkelling- amazing blue sea and incredible varieties of fish.

10.You will be totally off grid- you can't really get wifi and when you can it is expensive and pretty poor so plan ahead and enjoy the downtime. 

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