British Summer Time

As I have finally finished my Cuba posts I was deciding what to write about next. There are so many trips I have yet to write up and that doesn't even include all the fun I have been having in London along the way.

So to take a break from my "big" trips I thought I would write about a day festival I went to last weekend. Now most Londoners know just how many good day festivals we have in the capital- we are totally spoilt and there really is something for everyone!

This year though I was in for a real treat as my absolute fav band The Killers were coming to Hyde Park to headline a Saturday night at British Summer Time. We got our tickets early which was lucky as they then sold out - the only day to do so !! Bieber isn't as popular as I thought !!

With about 60,000 in attendance it isn't small, but there are tonnes of facilities from amazing food vendors such as Smokestack and Patty and Bun, to craft beers, cocktails and everything else in-between. The toilets are even the proper porta loos (no green coffins here) all in all it does feel like a more grown up festival as the number of chavvy 15 year olds wearing ridiculous outfits is pretty minimal.

We danced the day away listening to Alex Cameron, British Sea Power, Tears for Fears, Elbow before witnessing The Killers stupidly impressive hour and a half set. They are such crowd pleasers and just don't disappoint!!

One huggeeeee downer this year was that they added a premier section so had blocked off the front 100 meters or so from the stage to those with general admission tickets- totally cheeky as tickets were £70 anyway and to get to the front you had to pay another £50 a ticket!!! Steep right. Despite that we squeezed our way as close as possible and still had a view of Brandon and his pink jacket.

Hopefully it won't be another 4 years before I get to see them again !

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