After a couple of days in Havana we caught the bus to the beach town of Varadero. More on travel in Cuba in another post, yes it needs one !! We were booked in a naff all inclusive as there aren't too many other options but it served its purpose as it was right on the beach which was just stunning, white sand and honestly the bluest sea I have ever swam in, and I have been to a lot of beaches. The sea was clear, perfect temperature so cool enough to be refreshing after basking in the sun but warm enough that you could walk right in and not have to be a wimp!

The town had  few shops and restaurants and bargain pina coladas in a pineapple- topped with cinnamon which worked amazingly ! In terms of sites there wasn't loads, but we visited the museum and ceramic factories and the various markets scattered along. Normally I love a market but the stuff sold was mass produced and naff, I did manage to pick up a few bits but it really wasn't great. 

We also took a taxi out to Coral beach about 40 minutes away to go snorkelling which was really good. You can go straight off the shore so no need for boats. The guys at the lodge were really friendly too and it was nice and safe to leave your belongings. There was a coral reef and tonnes of brightly coloured fish and lots of varieties. We swam for about an hour before tiredness kicked in, so we had a wander along the shore to the actual beach. All hotels offer tours to do this, but it was way better that we did it ourselves as it meant we didn't have to arrive with a coach load and queue for equipment and it also mean we could leave when we fancied. The lodge had drinks but no food so bare that in mind. 

Sunsets were ideal and it was a lovely few days, it is just a shame the hotels are filled with naff European tourists who were more interested in the beer on tap and turning their skin to leather than actually enjoying everything Vardero had to offer. It didn't stop us though which is most important!

Also to prove how small this world is I bumped into someone I went to Uni with in a restaurant one night ! The last time I had seen him was a bar in Melbourne- jet setters aren't we but also how incredibly random.

I have a few more Cuba posts coming up, sorry for being a bit slow scarily enough I have just started a new job and obvs that meant I was a tad pre occupied !


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