Eagle Lake

Brace yourselves people this is going to be my last lake post for a while !!! So whilst exploring around Lake Tahoe a friend had recommended the hike to Eagle Lake, as obviously if there were more lakes to explore then we needed to. We managed to get a parking spot right in the car park, although others weren't so lucky so do be prepared to come back later. You need a few dollars cash to pay for parking. They have an honesty system so you pop it in an envelope and post it- cute. The next thing you do is pick a group leader right your name on a card and post that too. Now this is where you realise this is in case you don't come back (insert shocked face emoji). With that we were off following the trail. 

The trail is nicely sign posted for the first half a mile then you hit the sign for desolation wilderness!!! Obvs we felt like total explorers! It was easy enough to see where you needed to go and you handily bumped into people every so often. After about 45 minutes or so we hit the lake and what another beautiful oasis that was. The route itself was just stunning- again. I have honestly run out of adjectives to describe it, I mean bravo mother nature. 

With that it concludes my trip around Yosemite and Lake Tahoe a solid 5 days rather well spent if you ask me. Now I still have a couple more California posts tucked my sleeve but I think I may tell you about some other trips first. 

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