Wanderlusting 2017

Bet you knew this was coming !!! So as I have for the past couple of years I wanted to share where I am wanderlusting after in 2017......


I am such a cheat as I know I am already going- got my annual work conference so a week in LA is up in February. Planning on squeezing in some fun and heading to Disney though woooooo

Photo Credit- http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/19/disneyland-in-time-lapse_n_3780550.html


Post conference I have a plans for a jaunt over to the wonders of Cuba- lets hope this one happens eh. As beaches, cars, rum and salsa are calling my name already.

Photo Credit - http://abroad.uconn.edu/program/api-havana-cuba-summer-third-party/


Now my little brother is currently working out there so the rents and I have plans to go pay him a visit in the Spring. If you follow this blog you will know Japan has been top of my bucket list FOREVER. So if I actually make it there this year then OH MY GOD.

Photo Credit- http://www.swap.ca/japan/


This featured in this exact post 2 years ago, well we are pretty set this time so me and the girls should be jet setting the end of October. Keep all your fingers crossed though people.

Photo Credit- http://www.touropia.com/best-beaches-in-mexico/

Obviously being based in London these are all pretty big long haul trips so with that I doubt I will be taking any city breaks. I mean this is me so you never know, but sticking to some other life resolutions lets be sensible.

Any of you been to these places? If you have I need all the tips and advice !!! For everyone else, where are you wanderlusting after in 2017.

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