Wanderlusting 2016- Looking back

This is a post I have been looking forward to writing. In keeping up with tradition and even managing to post this on the second day of the year I wanted to look back at 2016 as believe it or not 2017 is actually already upon us. Totally terrifying eh ! So this time last year I wrote my wanderlusting 2016 post, shall we see how I got on?

Well I listed 6 places, but in 2016 I made it to 9 countries, 3 for work, 4 new and a couple of return visits. For those trips I took 21 flights, had my first journey on the Eurostar, drove an epic road trip and a sailed in a couple of boats. 2016 actually turned out to be quite the year for me which I wasn't really expecting ! Lets debrief.....


Was my first trip back in January I took you round the city  as well as bob sleighing in the winter wonderland of Sigulda.

Las Vegas

Next up at the start of Feb was Vegas where work commitments meant I didn't get to explore as much as I would have liked. I did get to experience the wonders of the infamous strip though, which was documented in a glitzy photo blog.

San Fran

Was post Vegas and then again in October for a work conference. In fact I spent 3 weeks in SF over the course of 2016! This allowed for plenty of time to explore. So far I have taken you across the Golden Gate Bridge, gave you a tour of Alcatraz and combined the rest of my time into a photo bog  There is actually more posts still to come- I am taking my time!


Was at the end of Feb straight after my US trip. Not going to lie this wasn't my fav trip ever so posts were limited to one short and sweet one.

I then somehow thought I would visit Italy and Indonesia- oh how wrong was I ! I did however make it to Prague, Bruges, Frankfurt, Dublin, Greece, Stockholm and California. A tad different eh.


Was in October where the skies were white, the buildings full of colour and the best museum ever was explored.


Pre work trip I actually took some time off to road trip around California. I have been spamming you with numerous lake posts as well as my time in Yosemite for weeks and I still have soooooo much left to show you!

Now I haven't even written posts about the rest of the trips yet, such a bad blogger aren't I. But the silver lining there is I have a tonne more content I just need to get myself in gear. New year new me and all those stereotypes coming right at you. Whilst I get writing here is a sneak peak of some of those trips.

Now that was a long post, but hopefully you will agree that 2016 was filled with an awful lot of fun.

Heres to 2017 and a heck more travelling and escapades!

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