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You will probably go "whhhaattttttttt" when I say this, but Yosemite Valley was my least favourite part of my recent California trip. It was rammed with tourists who didn't care at all about the beautiful scenery and were just generally rude. It wasn't peaceful like everywhere else we had been either. Also sadly due to drought the lakes were dry meaning some of those reflective views were a no go and the waterfalls non existent. Admittedly this was mother natures fault and unavoidable, but still it was such a shame. Now the photos below are still absolutely stunning, don't get me wrong, but we were totally spoilt the rest of the time that it just wasn't up there for me at all. 

Not to be entirely negative we did have delightful weather and the sun was out in force all day which meant for nice walks and no need for the car, parking is free too which is a big win ( you have paid a park entrance mind you). So there you go that was Yosemite Valley summed up for me, before you go saying I missed the best bit, Glacier point is having its whole post as that was bloody awesome (in spite of the crowds) anyway I shall stop digressing.... Yosemite Valley photos go go go.

This was meant to be a lake- yup really !!!

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