Tioga Pass

From Mammoth lakes our route to Yosemite valley took us across the Tioga pass. Now as it was September it was still open but due to its elevation and windiness it does shut once the snow falls so you must check before setting off. Luckily for us we got too enjoy its ridiculous beauty and down right terrifying bends!!

I was a total whimp and opted to play passenger for the entire way so kudos to my friend for driving this one. The sheer drops, blind bends and altitude mean driving slowly is a requirement, but to be honest you would want to anyway to enjoy the view! Elevation hit over 10,000 ft which is most certainly noticeable when you park up to take photos. We passed lakes, viewpoints and a crazy view of half dome. It is was heck of a road and I preferred it to Yosemite Valley itself! I was so glad we had to drive this road- we actually did it twice but the first time was in the dark and we didn't even realise (oops) blame the fact we did this post trans-atlantic flight from SF. Some advice here is that wasn't our wisest decision but you live and learn eh.

Anyway having never really done road trips before this was quite something and not a journey I will forget in a hurry. I mean just look at the photos.


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