Glacier Point

So if you thought my last post was a little negative about Yosemite Valley I am about to make it up to you. The highlight of the National Park has to be Glacier Point with its views of Half Dome. It was absolutely bonkers! Actually breathtaking !!! The drive up is pretty hair raising and rather windy, you need to drive slow although there were the occasional idiots. We came across numerous deer in road situations so were grateful for our crawling speeds. It is also so much better to drive slow so the driver can take in the views too. 

Now Glacier point was pretty busy but we managed to get parked after about 10 minutes (the summer may be a whole other story mind you). We then wandered around and took it all in, honestly it is kinda hard to describe but it just makes you feel really small. We could just about pinpoint the waterfall we had walked to earlier but it was a bit of a struggle, the views just go on and on. You can see for miles down the valley and anyone will just be in awe and what geology has created !

We didn't stay for too long as the drive back was a couple of hours and we wanted to get the bulk done in daylight but I can imagine sunset is something else from up there! Quick tip for your drive there or back, is to stop at tunnel view. The views are great from there too although getting parked up to enjoy said view may be hard- be patient though as it is worth it. 

This wraps up the last of my Yosemite National Park posts, hopefully you've enjoyed all the photos as it is quite a special place. Now there is one thing I have yet to mention about my couple of days exploring and that is we only went and SAW A BEAR. Yup an actual real life, wild Black bear. No photos evidence so you are going to have to take my word for it, but we were driving round a corner and there was a big great bear climbing over a rock at the side of the road. We saw it only for a second and total fair play to my friend who managed to see the bear and keep the car on the road !! It was one of those oh my god moments where we couldn't actually believe our luck. You hear of people visiting for 20 years and never spotting one and we managed it in 1 !! 

Next up is my last hike around Mammoth lakes and it features another cracking view.

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