Given last nights event's and as promised it felt best to talk about a different country in today's post !! So the rest of my US posts are on pause whilst I tell you about my lil trip to Stockholm a couple of weeks ago. Yup you read that right this trip was only 3 weeks ago- I am getting better at this blogging thing aren't I !!

Flights were booked an absolute age ago and this time we opted for Scandinavian airlines over Ryanair. Why? Well I guess we are showing signs of growing up as we opted to pay more for better timed flights! I'll be booking business class next- ha. Anyway... Stockholm was a nice 2 and a half hour plane nap from London and we were out exploring the city before lunch. Given it was the end of October the weather was pretty miserable cold, and rainy not that it stopped us. We wrapped up and braved the elements to explore, well in between trips to various coffee shops! 

We warmed up by exploring the Fotography museum which on a good day would have had cracking views! That said the exhibits were pretty good (this is coming from a total non artsy person). Entry was about a tenner and weirdly they only took card. The cloakroom was free though- as in all museums actually which is good to know. 

We ate meatball, obvs, wandered the old town with all the pretty buildings and got to explore the three main islands. All in all we crammed in lots considering we had three days and the weather was atrocious! Scandi cities continue to be some of my favs, despite the cost of visiting, and Stockholm was no exception. As an FYI on pricing whatever you do don't order spirits when you are out, stick to beer and if you can bare to part with 40 quid for a bottle of cheap wine then that's your only other option !! That said we still had so much fun dancing to 90s rap in Hornhuset which I would totally recommend paying a visit too on a Saturday night. What I wouldn't advise are the cheesy 7/11 hotdogs- just gross even at 2am. 

So that was Stockholm in a nutshell but my highlight of the weekend is being saved for my next post, so watch out for that in a few days. Can you guess what it is though ?


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