Did you guess? Yup my highlight from my Stockholm trip was the Abba Museum!!!! It was a few hours of pure utter fun. You start with a history of how Abba was formed, then the fun begins as you scan your ticket to get involved with all the interactive joys. I mixed a track, danced the moves and headed to a recording booth to belt out 4 classic Abba hits with my best mates. If that is not an ideal morning then I am not sure what is ! 

Each exhibit is super interesting and just so Abba, it really ticks every single box when it comes to a museum. The light up dance floor room blaring out tunes was an absolute winner, as was the green screen to add you into a dance video. As you are scanning your ticket each time you can then log in to the website after to listen and watch your delights. Given we are all tone deaf and can't dance those videos are bloomin hilarious. I am not going to subject you to it, but just trust me it is oh so fun. 

We were advised to book ahead which we did, cost worked out at about £20 but the exchange rate is poor pants at the moment so whilst it seems steep it is worth it ! Booking ahead meant we then skipped the queue- winner. They also stagger entry- which is nice and sensible so you never have to queue to participate in the fun and games. So if you don't be prepared to have a wait, that said the cafe/restaurant was so nice so you can easily kill time there. 

Now I am sure if the weather in Stockholm had been that much nicer, then I would have a different highlight, but this has to have been one of the best ways to hide out from the rain. If you are in Stockholm and are an Abba fan (I mean who isn't) then refs pay a visit !! 

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