Continuing on my tour of European cities earlier this year myself and a group of mates headed to Bucharest in Romania. It was the usual story of bargain flights and an air bnb- the classic winning combination!!

I won't lie here we basically spent the weekend eating and drinking ! We ate some incredible food at brilliant local restaurants. Caru Cu Bere which was a stunning building complete with various entertainers. I mean I ended up with a bird on my head thanks to a chap dressed like a mime- random eh. The other night we stumbled across Hanu' lii Manuc and I can vouch that the goulash was mega tasty as was the lamb knuckle !

In terms of cultural wanderings we did spend one day walking around, ticking off the old town and the impressive Parliament building but other than that I don't think we really saw everything Bucharest had to offer. The rain hampered last day plans to hit up an open air museum and a day in the pub seemed way more appealing.

Bucharest is by no means up there as my favourite city, but we did have a cracking weekend. I mean you can't go too far wrong with a group of mates and copious amount of booze can you.

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