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No, I haven't casually popped to Honduras ( I bloomin wish!!). This is a guest post from the lovely Frank. An email popped up asking if he could write something for here. I just love these sorts of emails and of course I said yes ! Having someone else's voice and tales on your blog is great as it mixes things up nicely.
He did also feature Bunks and Beaches in a rather cracking list of travel blogs. So if you are after some more inspiration of which blogs to follow check it out. 
Over to Frank....
Honduras is a republic in Central America which is often considered an early center of Mayan culture. It is the second largest country in Central America and it is an extremely popular spot among visitors for its natural beauty and extremely diverse wildlife. There is a great range of options to be explored by visitors whether they’re interested in jungles, lakes or coasts. 
The number of things to do for visitors is virtually endless whether you’re interested in swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling or another one of the hundreds of activities Honduras offers. Sometimes, just taking your shoes off and walking in the crystal clear waters can be a highly therapeutic experience in itself. There are a huge number of attractions in Honduras; we’ve curated a list of some of the most interesting ones.
Tegucigalpa is one of the most popular places in Honduras for seeing the beauty of nature in all its glory. It is possible to find wildlife species including the likes of tropical birds, dolphins, sea turtles and others. There is a small village of thatched huts which is frequented by visitors to learn about the local culture. The place has a historical significance too as it was once the hiding place for pirates operating nearby.

No visit to Honduras can ever be complete without visiting Roatan which is the largest one in the series of Bay Islands. It is at a distance of fewer than 50 kilometers from the mainland so its accessibility makes it a great place to visit. It is a world-renowned place for scuba diving where visitors from all over the world come for scuba diving in its clear waters. Night diving is a popular activity here as is a favorite of the regulars.

Roatan was the largest one whereas Utila is the smallest one of the Bay Islands but it is no less fun, in fact, some enthusiasts consider it a better place for scuba diving than Roatan and getting a Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) certification is the cheapest here. Whale sharks are often seen in its vicinity along with a plethora of marine life. Even with all these natural attractions, the place is one of the less crowded ones which certainly make it an attractive place for the lovers of nature who want to stay away from the crowds.

Pico Bonito
Pico Bonito National Park is probably the best place for outdoor pursuits in Honduras. You can go for a number of activities in here; you could either go for a simple tour of the rainforest or you could go for rafting down the river Rio Cangrejal.

Cayos Cochinos
It is a series of tiny islands off the northern coast of the country. These are considered a part of the world’s second largest barrier reef system and many major agencies of the world, including the likes of WWF and the World Bank, have asked for the preservation of the barrier reef. The access to these islands is difficult which only serves to enhance the appeal of these islands. 

Lago de Yojoa
The Lake Yojoa is considered to have volcanic origins which make it a unique lake in Honduras – a place where lakes are in hundreds. The view of the nearby mountains of Santa Barbara and Meanbar is breathtaking, from the island, and the popularity of the spot is growing with each passing day as an amazing place for hiking, exploration of ruins and watching birds. Even the United Nations has acknowledged the importance of this area and has declared it as a World Interest Wetland Zone.

Honduras is not just limited to beaches, lakes, and forests, there are places which have a great history and one of those places is Comayagua. Comayagua used to be the capital of Honduras back when it was a Spanish colony which was the time before its independence in 1821. The presence of the Spanish can still be seen in Comayagua in the architecture of the colonial buildings, tiny plazas, and grand churches. One of the oldest clocks in the world is present at Comayagua’s Cathedral. There are amazing places to shop here; you can get discounts from Groupon for all your everyday needs.

Copán Ruinas

These are the ruins of an ancient Mayan city which were identified with the name of Copan. Although the ruins were discovered in the 16th century, these were not excavated until the 19th century after which it was realized that this was one of the most important sites of the Mayan civilization as it is one of the few places which has fully intact hieroglyphs and these hieroglyphs are the source of all the information we have about the Mayans.

Thanks Frank. Now I don't know about you but get me on a flight to Honduras !!

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