As mentioned in my last post whilst in Latvia we hopped on the bus from Riga to Sigulda for the day. If memory serves the bus was like 4 euro return or something equally stupidly cheap! The main reason for the visit was the bobsleigh but more on that in my next post. This one is all about the pretty little town an hour outside of Riga. As the temperatures were freezing the snow from the days before had hung around which turned Sigulda into possibly the prettiest winter wonderland I have ever seen. The snow made everything look so beautiful! After we got our adrenaline fix we braved the temperatures for a walk around, the castles were like a fairy tale and the views of the valley from the ski slope were something else. 

Photography in these temperatures was a little tricky as taking my gloves off was a big fat no, that said I did manage to capture some of the beauty... hopefully you'll agree. So whilst it is cough summer cough in the UK let me transport you to a truly magical winter wonderland. 

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