Yup you read that right I went down a bobsleigh track. One of the main reasons for our little day trip to Sigulda was for the bob sleighing. We didn't quite do the real thing, it was a specially made bobsleigh for beginners but it meant we could steer it ourselves. I'm not going to lie it was a pretty exhilarating 45 seconds as we hurtled down the tracks and around the corners. Totally felt like we were in the winter Olympics !! If you are in Riga I would 100% recommend heading an hour out the city to Sigulda as it is so much fun. If I remember correctly it was €10 a head to bomb it down the track so an absolute bargain for something which totally takes your breath away!

Alongside the exhilaration the views were beyond sweet. It was a total winter wonderland out there, also as a tip pop to the top of the tower for even better views too and some rather cools ones of the tracks you will have just hurtled down!

This was certainly an activity well and truly ticked off the bucket list !

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