I'm Back

Oh hey

So I have ummmedd and ahhed as to whether or not I should keep going with this blog. It has been an age since I last posted, yet whenever I check in I still have views ( not loads) but people are reading my ramblings! To be honest that does majorly shock me in itself but for those that do I am going to treat you to more content- you lucky things. 

I am still travelling around and doing fun things, so why not share it with the people of the world wide web. 

My major life news is that I have moved.. again. Still in London but now in a simply beaut flat (if I do say so myself) with the move it means I actually have a lounge. Yup a simple thing but the old flat was standard shared London living where the greedy landlord had turned the front room into an extra bedroom. Im also living with my best mate and not some randoms woop woop basically an official grown up...almost ! 

Anyway with the move I have a bit more space and I guess time so it seemed the right time to start this back up. I have plenty of posts in the works as there are so many places I am yet to tell you all about, for now here are a few pics of the past few months ! 

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