My trip to Morocco last year was more about lying on a sun lounger and escaping the cold Autumn of the UK and way less about exploring and culture. I went with a couple of the girls and we booked an all inclusive for 4 nights. All inclusive is something I have never done before and honestly not something I am likely to do again. It certainly was a get what you pay for situation, all in it was £300 for flights, transfers and the hotel with all food and drink. So I mean it was a total steal, but Kenzi Club Agdal Medina  really can't call itself 5* it was a solid 3*/4* the food was mediocre and the staff were totally hit and miss, some super lovely others rude as hell! That said the rooms were great and the pool lovely to chill around and the nighttime entertainment was absolutely hilarious.

Morocco totally pulled out all the stops when it came to the weather we had 4 days of beautiful clear blue skies and 30 degree heat, so thanks mother nature it was totally delightful ! For everything else though it wasn't all that! Given the fact we were there to chill, we didn't really do all that much; aside from the Atlas mountains trip, we only ventured to the city centre once. I mean we were meant to go again but I kinda fell over and busted my ankle so as I couldn't really walk we gave it a miss.

Getting to the main point of this post ....

I was really excited to go and explore Marrakech's main square Jemaa el-Fnaa, I love markets and the hustle and bustle of locals going about their business. However, I was so bitterly disappointed. We went at night and made an effort to keep covered up, but we were just constantly, I would go as far to say harassed by so many people. I am all for people being curious and friendly or even go for the hard sell, but the street vendors in Marrakech were damn right rude, We were called all names under the sun ( some were good I must say, numerous people called me Shakira #ibloodywish), stared at constantly and made to feel totally unwelcome. It was such a shame as I did manage to pick up some great purchases from the souks, I would have liked to spend hours wandering around the narrow alleys, but instead of this I just wanted to retreat back to the hotel.

I have been all over the world and experienced all different kinds of cultures and this was the first time ever I felt uncomfortable. If I do go back to Morocco it would have to be with a bloke, otherwise I just don't think I would get any respect. I'm no feminist and understand totally that sometimes women take a back seat which I am totally fine with, but to be constantly gawked at for the fact we were three 20 something girls was just awful.

This was a bit of a negative post and I am sure, in fact I know Morocco has so much more to offer. This time I just didn't quite see that side. I did have a lovely few days though basking in the sun and laughing a lot with the girls, but experience wise well lets just say it wasn't the best trip I have been on !

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