Atlas Mountains

So I am about 6 months late with this post, but I figured better late than never!! Tonight I wanted to tell you about the Atlas Mountains. I did a "trek", I shall use that term lightly, one day during my stay in Marrakech.

To be honest the actual trip was all a bit of a con, so all I shall say is choose wisely who you book with! We were taken around places to try and be sold things numerous times, made to pay extra for a guide and then lunch wasn't included. I would say I am not one to fall into the tourist traps easily but we totally dropped the ball with this one. That said the scenery was absolutely stunning, from the Berber villages nestled in the mountains, to the back drop of Mount Toubkal.

We had a private car which was handy, the drive from Marrakech took about an or hour so. There wasn't too much to look out just lots of desert. We did stop for a couple of photo ops of Berber Villages before starting a 2 hour or so walk. It wasn't exactly tough, but it was hot and it was uneven underfoot so we took our time, a welcome break halfway was a chance to sit on the rocks at the foot of a waterfall. The change in scenery along the way was quite stark, from lush greenery to really dry desert mountains. It would have been great to have a guide who could explain what everything was and just add a little more life and colour to our walk, so if I go back to Morocco that is what I shall look for. Saying that Morocco and myself didn't hugely get on ! More on that next time.

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