London vs Tokyo - Sister Cities!

Getting an email pop up in my inbox about one of my favourite cities and one of my dream cities to visited I obvs got a little excited and rather intrigued !! Could a dream of visiting Japan finally be coming true? Well not quite, but Etihad did want to share this pretty cool infographic and since I love those and the two cities in question are just the best (no bias there) I am more than happy to share this with you all..

Tokyo and London are two of the most popular cities in the world, visited my millions of visitors each year- being the capital cities of England and Japan! Tourists will not be short of sights to see, places to go and things to do.

Although there's similarities between the two cities such as the high population, the hustle and bustle, and the epic shopping opportunities, there are also many differences!

This infographic from Etihad, shows some interesting and funny difference between the two cities! There are several great value flights from London to Tokyo daily with Etihad. Go Check them out!

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