Another lil apology but the flat hunt has taken over ALL of my spare time the last two weeks. I haven't had a spare minute to blog so this post has sat unfinished for far too long. Here we go though another insight into my time in China. 

Along with a few nights in Beijing the majority of my stay in China was in Yiwu a city in Zhejiang province. Here I attended school and stayed with a family for a couple of nights. We were looked after ever so brilliantly and taken around all the highlights of the city. We visited Lu House, which was an old house with a lot of history and also a film set which apparently was nicknamed "Chollywood" as it is China's equivalent of Hollywood. I shall be honest and say I don't know how much truth is in that, but our hosts seemed believable enough! 

China is so eclectic and completely different from any country I have ever been to. The driving can only be described as organised chaos. I remember our bus driver literally beeping his horn for the duration of our journeys, he was bigger, so anyone on mopeds needed to get out of his way. The food is better than any takeaway you will ever eat in the UK, and above all else the people were just brilliant. Everyone we met was so hospitable, welcoming and unbelievably generous. I think my blonde hair helped, whilst at school myself and another had somewhat celebrity like status. I lost count of how many photos I posed for!!! 

I have a couple more China posts tucked up my sleeve, but really I need a new trip to start writing about. Thinking of Barcelona later in the year, any tips ? 

Lu House


School- the flag raising ceremony 

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