The Acropolis

The Acropolis, in Athens Greece is arguably recognisable to most. It is iconic, ancient and above all super impressive. I visited Athens on a field trip during my Geography degree, we were accompanied by our Greek lecturer who, knew this city so well and was full of insider knowledge. Having info like that really does make exploring cities that bit better. If you don't know a local why not check out my blog post about Localfu, a website aimed at fixing that very problem (there is a promo code in there too for you).

Back to the Acropolis, now if you are in Athens you simply should not avoid a trip to the rocky outcrop to wander around the Parthenon. I mean it is a UNESCO world heritage site and it is clear to see why. The Acropolis is easily reached by foot, there is a place for ice cream at the top if that helps with the encouragement to walk, you do have to finish it before entering the site though (I am sure you can appreciate why).

Now with a World Heritage site comes a certain amount of upkeep, these buildings are ancient (literally) so need a helping hand to stay so spectacular. Therefore, don't be surprised if you see scaffolding, cranes etc now it does detract slightly from buildings, but you have to understand it is one of those necessary things. I still marvelled at the sheer skill required to erect such structures all those years ago.

Here are my photos back from 2011, you can still see the beauty despite the metal poles!

A little tip, if you wander around the site you will come to a flag pole from here there are pretty impressive views of the city below.

I have to admit I preferred the view of the Acropolis from afar, and our lecturer took us to a pretty sweet spot. From there the scaffolding seemingly disappeared. I was pretty chuffed with these photos, what do you think?

The boring stuff... entrance is 12 euros but there are several "free" days throughout the year. Check when here. You will also find lots of extra info through that link. Such as opening hours, as it does vary, generally though admissions are between 08:00 and 18:00.

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