After my punting fiasco I wanted to tell you a little more about the delightful Oxford. I live 40 minutes from the city and am a frequent visitor for both tourist reasons and for shopping! Parking in Oxford isn't the easiest so I would really recommend you park and ride. There are several options to choose from dependent upon which direction you are coming from, so just park up and hop on board one of the regular buses.

I park in Pear Tree and the 300 bus drops you at the top of George Street. Now if you want somewhere to eat this is the street you want it is lined both sides with a huge range of eateries. You can then walk down the high street to get your fix of retail therapy. It is always reallllyyyyy busy at weekends and you will see a variety of street performers littered about (think Covent Garden esque).

Not super obvious but reached from the highstreet is the Covered Market, there is fresh produce a plenty and loads of independent retailers. For a sweet treat follow your nose to Bens Cookies.

Filled with cookies just keep wandering, every corner you will find building after building belonging to the world famous university. All are just stunning and and gorgeous to photograph. Below is Christchurch College, known for providing the set of the Great Hall in the Harry Potter films. Most of the colleges are shut to the public, but some are open for certain days of the year, and others you can pay a small fee to enter. I honestly don't know the score with all of them so its best to check online first! Personally even admiring the exterior is good enough!

Aside from buildings Oxfords parks are great for a wander, during the summer months they are in full bloom too- just look how lovely they are!

The Bodleian Library is another spectacular building, I won't spoil everything for you and upload all my photos, but just trust me there are so many places to discover. Let your feet explore this fair city as it is so easily walkable.

Just watch out for cyclists !! You will find them in abundance and they kinda do take precedent over pedestrians.

If my last post put you off punting... (please don't let it, it is so much fun!) then even walking along the riverbank is entertaining you can watch the novices learning to master the punts, and just take in all the lovely greenery.

After a full day of walking and exploring you will probably be in need of a bevy or two! I can recommend a few cracking little places for drinks... head to Little Clarendon Street for starters. The Duke of Cambridge has a happy hour between 5 and 7pm then keep wandering and at the end of the street you'll find Raouls and Love Jericho. If after those you want somewhere to dance, there is Camera or Bridge to name only a couple.

I may be biased but I do think Oxford is one of England's best cities for many many reasons. If you are from overseas come and pay a visit as it makes for something a little different to London.

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