Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Palace Exterior

Originally I had other plans for tonights post, then I went back to Blenheim Palace for an afternoon of wandering. It reminded me how bloomin' gorgeous it is and I just had to share my snaps. Now I am super lucky and live twenty minutes from Blenheim so today wasn't my first visit. In fact these photos are from a few days out over the past year. Thats one of the brilliant things about Blenheim: the cost to visit. Now a daily adult ticket is £22.50 which I guess is quite high but when you add in their brilliant offer of converting your ticket into an annual pass it suddenly becomes a nice little bargain. 

If you aren't a local even as a one off the £22.50 is soooo worth it, there is tonnes to do and places to explore. I have been a good few times now and even today I found a place I hadn't found before. 

Come take a wander around....


Follow the yellow daffs to find this little spot- how much do you want to go sit on that bench?

Blossom and a bench

Spring is staring to fully appear and buds are starting to bloom all around Blenheim. The perfectly manicured gardens alone could keep you entertained for hours. Just imagine them in full flower come summer time.


Palace Gardens

Walking back to the house there are fountains and secret gardens to find.

Fountain in the Palace Gardens

The Secret Garden

You are then treated to truly magnificent panoramas of the Palaces exterior.

Panorama of the Palace and Gardens

Palace Exterior

Palace Exterior

Palace Exterior

Palace Exterior

If you keep following the exterior you'll come to the formal gardens and fountains. You'll find a cafe perfect for a pitstop. If its sunny you have to sit outside (right under those green umbrellas.. good spot hey?).

Formal Gardens

Then take a wander through the palace itself, there are several exhibitions to discover so just take your time. Upon entering you will be greeted by the mother of chandeliers.... absolutely stunning. 


Then follow the directions and explore each of the rooms. When I was there back in February there was an art installation by Ai Weiwei. Each room had something different. This room was filled with small plastic crabs... I mean slightly odd, but cool to see. 

Palace room and Ai Weiwei Installation

Ai Weiwei Installation

The dining room was all set up, what I would do for the chance to dine there. Any offers Blenheim ?

Room after room is opulent, ornate and simply just gorgeous. 

Once you have explored inside, head back outside and walk towards the boating lake, keep going until you find this waterfall then follow the path back up to the Palace.

You can visit the shop or take a walk down to the monument. Or if you live close by like me save things for another day. Any excuse to go back, but really no excuses are needed. Blenheim is a treat for all ages, it is maintained to perfection and a true testament to all the staff. The Duke of Marlborough should be immensely proud.

For opening times, events and all things going on, check out the website.

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