5 (Basically) Free Activities to do in Oslo

So last weekend I hopped on the bus with wings (cheap and cheerful Ryanair) to a beaut little city.... Oslo, the capital of Norway. It was my first time in the country and it was a right little treat. Now as you will probably know it isn't cheap. In fact Oslo is one of the most expensive cities in the world! BUT please do not let that deter you at all. Here is my guide to a bargainous weekend.

First things first buy the Oslo Pass as it is bloomin' awesome. You can pick it up from the Tourist Centre or plenty of hotels and hostels- there is a handy list here. You can buy a pass for different lengths of time we opted for 48 hours which cost around £45. Now you are probably thinking straight away that isn't cheap.... well it is! That covered all our transport on the cities excellent bus and tram network and ALL our activities. We went to a LOT of museums and didn't have to pay for one. With each museum about a tenner to get in you can do the maths and work out £45 is a bargain. It is also super easy to use you just scan your card as you enter each museum- job done!

1. The museums

Oslo has a pretty great and varied selection of museums to explore- ones which would suit everyones taste. We went to the:

National Gallery- home of the famous scream painting by Edvard Munch.

The Fram Museum- home of the Polar ship the Fram. This is a proper interactive museum so take on the challenges and pay a visit to the simulator. There is also a really interesting 15 minute short film- not usually my thing but I honestly really enjoyed it. You can of course also walk around the famous boat itself.

The Kontiki Museum- Another museum dedicated to a famous boat, this time Heyerdahl and its balsa raft. Again this was a neat little museum to wander around with a really interesting story to tell.

Nobel Peace Centre- This showcases the winners of the Nobel Peace prize and by its nature it has some pretty inspiring stories to tell.

Vigeland Museum- I won't lie we wizzed round this one, it is home to the works of sculptor Gustav Vigeland. They are super impressive, but it just wasn't hugely our thing.

2. Akershus Fortress and Castle

Poised above the fjord- the Fortress is free to walk around and gives you beautiful views across the city. A perfect photo op! The castle is also free to explore with your Oslo Pass(told you it was good!) this takes you round the impressive buildings and gives you an incite to what it was like to live there.

3. Frogner Park

Now this would have been a lot lovelier in spring when the place would have been in full bloom, but the park was nice to wander around, and it is of course completely free. Within the park there is also 212 of Vigeland's sculptures, which form a central point for people to congregate.

4. The Royal Palace

Stood proudly atop a hill above the main shopping street Karl Johns gate. Whilst we didn't go inside we admired the palace from the outside and continued our walk down the main arcade into the bustling city centre. Walking and admiring is free too, can you sense a theme here.

5. Opera House 

Located along the waterfront, this is one super cool building and one you can walk upon the roof of. Obviously free to wander and roam, walk up to the top for some gorge views- we had the most perfect of days when the sky was brilliantly blue.

So there you have it pretty much all your activities for your city break at literally no cost. You try seeing the sights of London for under 50 quid for the weekend and you will be struggling. There are of course many more places to see and museums to explore, but sadly we only had a couple of days. Saying that I think we did pretty damn well!!

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