Koh Phi Phi

You may have noticed I have mentioned Koh Phi Phi before, I took you round Maya Bay and told you about a little hostel called The Rock but I am not finished there. Koh Phi Phi is easily my favourite of the Thai islands I have visited. My favourite by a mile in fact. It is absolutely charming and the beaches are those featured on postcards. If the tides out follow the signs and walk to Long Beach, if the tides in hop in a long tail boat and for a 100 baht you will be whisked around to the other side of the island. Long beach is the other side to the one you spend your night dancing on so it is obviously a little nicer. I mean you can see for yourself...

Not sure why the sea is looking so green here, it is definitely beautifully blue and that perfect swimming temperature. Cool enough to be refreshing in the heat, but warm enough you don't have to brace yourself to get in.

This beach below is the one you spend your evenings on- still pretty lovely in the day, but as you can probably guess a little bit more litter lying around. Don't get me wrong people do an impressive job of cleaning those strewn buckets from the night before but its not perfect, so I would save visits for the evening and head round to explore the other beaches during the day.

and of course no trip to Koh Phi Phi without a walk to the viewpoint so you can snap the iconic photo where the two bays meet. I shall warn you now the walk is less than ideal on a sangsom hangover so be prepared. I struggled a lot and needed a bit of time to compose myself before photos could commence!! I was still glad I pushed through and made it, I mean in normal circumstances the walk is easy peasy.

Phi Phi for me is the perfect playground, stunning beaches, amazing snorkelling and the best nights dancing on the beach that I have ever had (yes it topped full moon for me). Go visit but do try and respect its beauty. Whats your favourite Thai Island?


  1. Great photos! I've never been to Thailand but I've heard tons of great things about Koh Phi Phi. Can't wait to plan my own visit soon :)

  2. Thanks Christina, Thailand is such a fabulous country and so diverse. Certainly add Koh Phi Phi when you start planning !


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