Iguassu Falls- Argentina

So the last post was about the mighty Iguassu falls from the Brazilian side. Today I am taking you on a jaunt to the Argentinian side. First things first was border formalities which honestly did take over an hour, although we had been warned it could have been significantly worse (lil warning there for you). Once we had those all important entry stamps we were casually in Argentina! 

The falls this side reside in more of a tourist attraction per say, think fast food, lots of people, trails to follow and generally a little more exciting than the Brazilian side. We started off following trail one which gives you some views like this....

Route one also nicely takes you to where you can take a boat trip. We had pre booked this so presented our tickets and climbed aboard. 

The boat trip takes you right into the plunge pool of the falls, so you will get WET like really wet soaked to your skin wet. So put your valuables away people and take advantage of the waterproof packs they offer you. Now I had a lil waterproof number so my camera stayed out. Think this photo shows quite nicely just how wet you are likely to get. 

After getting nice and drenched we took the train to the top trail. This walk takes you right across the river before reaching the top of the Devils Throat (where we walked out to in Brazil). Again being at the top of the falls gives you a sense of their magnitude, they truly are an impressive force of nature. 

Excuse the frizzy hair, I don't cope too well in humidity...

Like on the Brazilian side all the trails are filled with wildlife so keep your eyes peeled and your snacks safely hidden (you can thank me later).

If you are planning a trip to the falls, visiting both sides is a bit of a must. The Brazilian side gives you the panoramic views and the Argentinian side you can get up close and personal with mother natures masterpiece.


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