Wanderlusting 2015

I constantly spend my spare time dreaming/planning/booking new trips. I simply love travelling and I would rather keep going than be sensible and save my pennies for the future. I mean life is for living right ?

So I thought I would share whats on the agenda for this year..... or probably an awful lot more realistically where I would like to go this year. We can revert back in 2016 and see how I got on. 2016 that's a scary thought. I digress, so my wanderlusting for 2015 includes:


Luckily for me this one is a given, I won a prize at work for a 6 night trip. Bloody great prize if you ask me and there won't be a bunk bed in sight, I'm going 5* baby!!!! I am off to the Dead Sea and Aqaba, with a few little day trips too, obviously I have have have to visit Petra.


A sort of pipe dream, but a plan is currently underway with my best mates to get this booked up asap whilst flights are ludicrously cheap. But as you know the best made plans don't always happen. Keep your fingers crossed people.


I love a cheeky city break and would love to get a couple in this year too. Prague has looooong been on my hit list, I mean with photos like the above how can I not already be a little bit in love. 


So this trip fell through in 2014, money money money or severe lack of it put this one on hold, BUT 2015 is going to be the year and all the girls are on board. Dates and actual itinerary TBC but I have very high hopes that this will happen! Second time lucky is the saying, yeah ?

I mean I could add a lot more places to this list, but I have tried to make this just a little bit achievable I got to 4 countries last year and I am not one to go backwards!

Any other suggestions? Or whats on your list for this year?

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