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Twitter is such a wonderful place to connect with like minded travellers, and it was here the lovely Rachel at Vagabond Baker mentioned me in a tweet. I always like to reply to any mentions but this one was extra intriguing, it was invitation to take part in the #Tasteoftravel Menu. A competition run by those at Celebrity Cruises.

After reading Rachel's post I was obviously keen to get involved as food and travel are my two favourite things! Like Rachel coming up with just three courses, out of all the delicious food I have eaten around the world, is literally an impossible task. So these are just some of my favourite dishes I have experienced from my travels. (Apologies for the lack in photos, shockingly I am not a huge photographer of food!).

Starter: Chicken Satay

I have spent a couple of months in Thailand on a few separate occasions, and chicken satay is still the dream. The perfectly barbecued chicken skewer, dunked into a pot of creamy, peanuty, satay heaven, with just the right amount of kick to warm your insides. Yes chicken satay is an absolute love of mine and I just could not get enough of the stuff.

Main: Duck Duck Duck

One main course that really stands out was a duck restaurant in Melbourne. I was taken by friends to Simon's Peking Duck Restaurant in the Melbourne suburb, Box Hill. The difference with this restaurant is that when you book your table you order the number of ducks. Yes I mean a whole duck, 1 per 2-3 people is about right.

First round is the traditional and completely epic peking duck. Simon himself expertly carves the best of the duck right in front of you, before proudly presenting it to the table. It is then time to tuck in and create a pancake with all the trimmings. This is then repeated a solid 4/5 times!!

Once you are pretty much full to the brim round two comes out. This is a stir fry made with the left over meat from your duck. Tasty and such a good idea to make use of everything. You think thats your lot but nooooo things don't stop there, you then have the final course. Duck bone soup, a little too much fennel for me, but using up the very carcass of your duck.

Absolutely nothing goes to waste, you a filled to the brim and the staff are completely charming. A truly lovely experience and was great to find a place known only to locals!

Dessert: Chocolate Pudding

I can't think of a dessert I like more than a chocolately goey number, complete with molten chocolate sauce inside and served with vanilla ice cream (the good kind,where you can see the vanilla). Heaven.

Side: Guacamole and tacos

Not strictly part of the competition but something I had to tell you about. Deep in the heart of the Sacred Valley, in Peru, after a tough morning trekking, we stopped at a tiny village where a local family were busy bustling in a cramped kitchen. Then out came a bowl of guacamole, served with tacos. It was absolutely gorgeous, add the fabulous setting and that was one hec of a meal and a moment for that matter. One I haven't forgotten!

Drink: Caipirinha

Like Rachel I wanted to add a drink in too. On the first night of my travels, in Ipanema Beach House, in Rio, I was first introduced to the caiprinha in a tiny plastic cup. Safe to say I was hooked from that moment. They are punchy, refreshing and just delicious.

Now that has made me mega hungry !

All that is left is to invite some fellow travel bloggers to join in too.

Sidewalk Safari 5 Dollar Traveller Travel Passionista  and Ever thought of Trying. If you do get involved please comment below with a link to your blog post as I would love to read them.


  1. Great selection, although a little meaty for my tastes – veggie that I am ;) I go for the guacamole and tacos though, yum!
    Happy to have connected, hoorah for Twitter!

    1. Sorry !!! I am just too much of a meat fan. Thanks for getting me involved, hooray for twitter indeed.

  2. My menu is up! Thanks again for inviting me to the challenge, Laura... :-)


    1. Fab menu Jennifer, glad you wanted to get involved. Such a great idea isn't it!

  3. I love duck pancakes - enjoyed doing this challenge too!

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

    1. They are amazing aren't they. These were probably the best I have ever had!

  4. Thanks for the invite and our menu is ready! What do you think.....


    1. Love it! You can't beat a Mr Whippy- you have got me lusting over a gorgeous English summer now. Fingers crossed!


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