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A common link when discovering new things at the moment is most certainly twitter. Another find is a new snazzy app literally just launched...... Outbound - "The App Where Travellers Connect".

I think as it stands I am one of just over a 1000 users from all over the world. It is therefore most definitely in its starting days and it is quite exciting to be part of something new, and to help spread the word.

So the app, most importantly it is FREE and super easy to download from the app store. The sign up process is really simple too, pop in your details and off you go. The idea of the app is a social network for travellers. Absolute genius if you ask me and I can't believe it hash't been done sooner! Major props to the smart Aussies (Ryan and Mark) behind it I must say. 

Once you are setup there are various pages to explore.

The noticeboard has questions from people, be it travel tips or wanting to meet up with like minded travellers. I added my question and got a response pretty much instantly- it's way more helpful than google as you are getting responses from people who have actually been to the places you are asking about. Its like having your own world wide travel expert at your fingertips and it doesn't cost you a penny. 

The trips section- this allows you to add your forthcoming trips. You have to be as specific as a city and dates. The app then lets you know if anyone else is going to be there at the same time. It is then up to you if you want to act on it. For solo travellers this would be amazing, you could have a drink set up before you arrive in a new place, meaning you know your first night won't be a flop. 

The events section is set up by users of the app, so people may arrange an event and you could decide to go.

Chat- does what it says on the tin and you can chat to users of the app. Could be to arrange meeting up or may just be to share tips. 

Search- this lets you search for users up to within a kilometre. As the apps makers said this keeps you nice and safe as you can't be pinpointed to an exact point- very smart!

Wifi finder- an absolute saviour when travelling as finding fee wifi can be the biggest pain. Well this app does it for you, if you find some good free wifi add it to the list and help people out!

For me the whole thing is just a cracking idea, no need to worry about safety as they have lots of features in place. So if you are a traveller sign up and get connecting !

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