City Break: Krakow- Christmas Market

The Christmas Market, located in Krakow's main square, in the shadow of the Cloth Hall is a treat for all the senses. Sample the culinary delights bubbling away in large urns, or warm yourself up by sipping mulled wine ( a mere £1.50 if you are interested). There are gifts galore which you can purchase, all of which have been carefully hand crafted. The lights twinkle in the trees and christmas music is blaring from the speakers. I mean if it doesn't make you feel chirstmassy and all fuzzy inside I am not sure what will. 

I am sure this market does't compare to others across Europe but it was pretty lovely and a delightful coincidence that our trip happened to occur whilst the market traders were ready and waiting. If you are in Krakow over the festive period go have a peak, mulled wine and bratwurst thats a winning combination, surely?

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