Photo Blog- The City of Angkor

Angkor is a UNESCO World Heritage site and it is simple to see why. The City of Angkor is breathtaking, tranquil, yet buzzing with tourists, it sprawls larger than you can take in, and the realisation hits you when you understand you simply will not manage to see it all. Photos don't do it justice but I would be lying if I said I had taken none, in fact it was hundreds. I wanted to remember the nooks and crannies, those moments when I had a small part of this city to myself, the people that enjoyed its beauty and the proud locals who showed you around. So whilst there was times I left my camera switched off I couldn't help but capture some of the beauty. Angkor is more than some realise and here are just a handful of photos from my day exploring on the back of a trusty tuk tuk.

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