I haven't done a bunk post in a while so given my recent post about the mighty QT it seemed only fitting to tell you about Nomads.

If you have been backpacking in NZ/AUS you will almost certainly have stayed in a Nomads hostel, or at the very least have heard of one! The Queenstown hostel is where I called home for 5 nights.

Not my piccy- off the Nomads Website 

I was in an 8 bed bunk with a balcony. It won't exactly win awards for personal space, my dorm was a mess when I walked in (probably due to the 5 lads already occupying it) but the sheets and what you could see of the carpet was clean.

Price wise its the going rate for NZ hostels, hence the 8 bed dorm! The dorms are about 30 NZ dollars without an ensuite. The bathrooms weren't far though and there were loads of showers which again were always clean, so you were never fighting for a shower thankfully.

For me Nomads was great for almost everything but the room!! The open fires and large comfy leather sofas were perfect for lounging on during the day. There is a cinema room too which was cool and pool tables. The on site travel desk is handy and it has a 24 hour reception.

One issue with Nomads was the teeny weeny kitchen, it is wayyyyyy too small for the number of guests and cooking is somewhat of an effort. When I was there they attempted to solve this by offering a free breakfast and dinner. As you can imagine the queues were looong with everyone being budget conscience so to be honest I didn't even bother and headed out to the local restaurants instead. From their website now it would seem they have scrapped the dinners but you still get a free breakfast, if you can make it through the hangover to surface of course.

On the note of food I must mention the alcohol situation, Nomads is dry. Yup zero alcohol tolerance and no on site bar. There are obviously ways around this..... sneak it in and drink in your room, simples. Well they do room checks about 8pm by pretending to change the bins. Hide your booze and you'll get away with it. Get caught and it will be confiscated and you may loose your place to sleep. Saying that in my 5 nights we always got away with it ( I didn't tell you that !)

The one good thing that comes from no on site bar is that if you do happen to want an early night you can usually manage to get a decent nights sleep (dependent on your roomies of course).

So a mixed bag for Nomads, its not one of my faves but its by no means the worst. Location is absolutely fine- but it is kinda hard not to be central in QT as it is pretty small. Price is what you expect, extras there are plenty. The best thing as with most hostels is always the people you meet there. Its the go to hostel for the Kiwi bus so you can guarantee a coach load of 18-30s will rock up every single night.

*If you are going to book the website has 10% off at the mo.

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