City Break- Budapest: Eating and Drinking Guide

I don't know about you but when I rock up in a new place choosing where to eat can be quite an ordeal. You want to sample the local cuisine, you want to treat yourself but not to break the bank, you want to be able to walk in and not book and above all you don't want to be disappointed. At home you have your faves but when you are away choosing somewhere to dine can be tough- do you trust trip advisor? Well for me I like a recommendation so here is the favourite place I ate whilst I was in Budapest. Ive also thrown in a few places which would make for a cracking night out too, I certainly had the hangover to prove it the next day.

Vintage Garden 

An absolutely dreamy restaurant found by complete and utter accident was Vintage Garden. Upon opening the door you are transported into a Parisian Chic, room of loveliness. With large mantle places covered with candles and trinkets and everything glowing in candle light. 

We were seated by such fireplace and first up was the cocktail menu, given the French influence I opted for this little beauty complete with an actual macaroon. 

As the place was so intimate you could sit and watch the skilled bar tenders, which is always a delight. Not to completely forget the fact I was in Hungary I chose the goulash for my main and it was scrumptious wholesome goodness. 

Now whilst Vintage Garden isn't a traditional restaurant it is just beautiful and if you too stumble across its green doors it is certainly worth popping inside. That night we nabbed the last table and the place had a really great buzz about it so you could tell it was a popular place. For those of you who would actually like to know, its located in the Jewish Quarter on Dob Utca Street, and price wise you are looking at about a tenner a main, here is a link to the menu. Can you tell I quite liked this place!

Eating done now for the drinking..

This is more of a drinking than eating place, although food is served. It is the epitome of cool. There were TV's hanging from the ceiling, bars tucked in each corner, a dj at the back, toilets which were kind of prison esque but in the right way. It was dark it was dingy and it was bloody brilliant. I have never been to a bar quite like it. We grabbed a small table soaked up the atmosphere and sank a bottle of cheap and cheerful wine. You could easily stay here all night but we wanted to dance so off we trotted to........

I didn't take any decent photos so heres one off google.
Another of Budapest's famous ruin bars. Its pretty much a converted house, a real labyrinth to explore. Theres indoor dance floors, balconies, a terrace area. Round each corner is another DJ pumping out various tunes. The bar staff can whip up excellent cocktails, (go for the caipirinha its potent greatness in a glass), this is one hell of a place. I shan't pretend we found this all on our own! A guy on reception at Mavericks said if we wanted to go out where the locals do then that was the place- he was spot on, obviously he was right he is a local himself!! We danced and sweated until the early hours of the morning, but our stamina gave in long before everyone else's, that place had shown no signs of shutting up shop even when we left gone 3am. If you want a corker of a night out Instant is the place in Budapest. 

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