Pink Dolphins

No, I am not going mad these creatures really do exist. Found in very few places on the planet (mainly South America and China) I was lucky enough to see a pink dolphin in Khanom, Thailand.

A day trip offered by a fabulous boutique hotel Aava (more about that another time) takes you out on a small traditional long tail boat to try and find these stunning creatures.

The boat and scenery is beautiful enough, so if you don't manage to spot the elusive pink dolphin it is still a pretty splendid trip. To give you an idea of how rare the dolphins are, a charming guy I met on my travels had been visiting Khanom for some ten years and had never seen one.

The long tail boats mean you are close to the water and can spot the dolphins so much easier- even nicer was the fact we were the only boats around. The curious dolphin wanted to come and say hello as the small boats were intriguing and completely none threatening.

It was quite the moment when we caught our first glance, and for us one glance was all we were to get. This didn't disappoint me at all, in fact it made the whole thing that more real- the dolphins were unpredictable and simply in their natural habitat.

Now the dolphins weren't exactly easy to capture, so apologies for the awful picture- but look how close I was !! I was also far too caught up in the moment to focus on photography, and hey the moment is way more important.

For many reasons Khanom should be added to your list if you are in Thailand. The beaches are unspoilt by tourism, the town is full of locals and you truly get to experience what the "Land of Smiles" has to offer.

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