Packing List: My Top 5

I have seen many a list on what to pack before setting off on an adventure. Some I have agreed with and taken advice from, others I have questioned. So here are my essentials that I simply wouldn't leave out of my backpack.

1. Sleeping bag liner

Now you are forgiven if you don't even know what one of these even is, I didn't. But man I was glad I bought one after a friend advised I should. I opted for a cotton one but they do them in silk. You can pick them up from most outdoor shops. Here are some links for you.

Cotswold Outdoor- Cotton Liner- £20   
Cotswold Outdoor- Silk Liner £40 

Why is this so essential? Well, have you ever rocked up to a hostel and thought these sheets aren't clean? Will I actually manage to sleep ? This is why you need a sleeping bag liner- essentially a cotton bag you can jump inside and keep you from touching those grubby sheets. I am honestly not being precious, but a sleeping bag liner just helps you sleep that much easier. It is also known that some hostels charge extra for bedding so having a liner solves that issue straight away.

2. First Aid Kit

Not to state the obvious but you would be surprised how many people don't take one with them. Mine was useful for more than just myself for that very reason. I have only a small one but if you are going to be trekking away from civilisation or have known medical conditions adjust the size you take to suit your needs. I make sure mine is stocked with:
  • plasters
  • pain killers- take your pick
  • Imodium (awkward to ask for abroad so handy to have with you and an absolute saviour for long bus journeys)
  • anti histamine- useful for more than you would think 
  • ankle support - this is just for me, but with weak ankles it has become a necessity
  • savlon-again one of those cure alls
  • malaria tablets- where applicable
  • swiss army knife and or small scissors-again has so many uses
  • antiseptic wipes/ hand sanitiser- you can never be too careful when it comes to hygiene 
  • tiger balm- possibly the best thing in your first aid kit, it stops you itching mossie bites, helps with aches pains, headaches you know what I don't know what tiger balm doesn't help with
You may think that is far too much to bring but if you take tablets out of the boxes and remove all unnecessary packaging it reduces what you pack massively. Just remember to keep dosage info. Admittedly not all of the above will fit in the kit below but honestly most of it will, just the ankle support and tiger balm that don't go inside.

I have this one- Go Outdoors- £10.50 

3.Camera (and Charger)

Kind of obvious but I couldn't go exploring without a camera of some sorts in tow. As much as I like living and enjoying the moment I do like to capture those memories and have something which I can keep forever and share with others. At the moment my photography skills are still basic at best, so I just have a small hand held digital camera and my iPhone. I will progress to the big boys at some point.

I am not even going to try and provide you with camera links as I honestly haven't got a clue, but if you think my photos are good enough here is my camera and it's on sale!

Sony Cybershot- £79.97 

I also always buy the instant replacement protection from PC World. I must have had about 10 replacement cameras some damaged by sand/water/dropping them! All have been replaced with absolutely no questions- you can't say fairer than that.

4.Blow Up Pillow

Yes this is necessary, it will help you sleep on planes/trains/buses/boats/tuk tuks/ the beach. Sleep is a valuable commodity when you are travelling and if you don't get your 40 winks on a night bus the next day is going to be pretty miserable- trust me. For that reason alone you need anything and everything you can that will help you sleep and I found my pillow to be my go to item. Especially if you are unlucky enough to get the aisle seat it keeps your head from falling on to your neighbour! I liked the blow up one as it can fold flat when not in use. Admittedly not has comfy as the bean filled ones but a lot more practical. Here are a couple so take your pick:


5.Travel Journal

A lot of people have taken to bringing a laptop/tablet to record their daily goings on when travelling, which being a blogger I am not against- but I do love my travel journal. A journal doesn't need charging or wifi and can be there to log thoughts/places/that cool restaurant you just ate in, as and when you fancy. I like the journals with pockets to store business cards/maps and other really important pieces of paper I always manage to collect. They also make for a pretty individual keepsake and can be dug out in years to come. I can't say I manage to write in my journal every day whilst travelling but I do log everyday even if it is retrospectively.

I have to say I am a major paperchase fan so all my travel journals have been from there. Certainly worth a look- may be targeted slightly more to the female audience I have to admit!

So there you go my travelling essentials. Obviously these differ for absolutely everyone out there but these were things I was very glad I had packed and items I used time and time again where originally I thought about leaving them behind.

Anything you would add?

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