Koh Tao

Thailand's islands are filled with picture perfect beaches, white sand and crystal clear blue sea. Koh Tao is an island of no exception. Home to some of the best diving in the world it is an island not to be forgotten.

Sadly I didn't do any diving during my time there, (for now I am still a little scared!!) I stuck to snorkelling which was still pretty great. A boat trip was booked over lunch, as most restaurants are linked to some boat tour; you can grab a bargain so easily. That is what I loved about travelling through Thailand everything is easy, turn up in a place and you can always find somewhere to stay and activities to do with absolutely no pre booking.

Many travellers my age hit up Koh Tao's neighbours for the famous Full Moon parties so if you are looking for a haven to retreat to and recover from those lethal buckets, Koh Tao's beaches are spot on!!

Not to completely forget about the nightlife though..... head to Lotus bar for more dancing on the sand with a slightly more chilled out vibe.

My time on Koh Tao was very short and sweet so I have to admit to not exploring as much as I would have liked, but it was just so easy not to when there was empty beaches literally a hop skip and a jump from the hostel- next time I will!!!

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