Maya Bay

Following on from my last post it makes sense to tell you about the delights of Maya Bay, made famous by Leonardo Di Caprio's "The Beach". Maya Bay is reached from Koh Phi Phi and several of the islands hostels or travel shops offer a variety of different boat trips. When I visited I was staying on the island with a group of friends. We opted for a long tail boat at only 100 baht for a half day trip thats a mere £1.80!!! Potentially the bargain of the century.

Our friendly thai guide walked us down and loaded us in to one of the traditional thai long tail boats and off we went. With no English he was less of a guide and more of a chauffeur. En route we stopped to snorkel which was brilliant, so many beautifully coloured fish and many varieties.

The views of the islands during the whole trip were spectacular, we then stopped briefly on Monkey Bay before making our way round to Maya Bay itself.

The Bay was reached in a slightly peculiar way and not exactly as we thought- by swimming from the boat to climb up a rope ladder over the rocks. This was certainly easier said than done and a few bruises were acquired, it was worth it though and Maya bay was stunning. Whitest of sand and the bluest sea, it was easy to see why it was chosen for a movie set. The only downside was the fact we were one of several boats making the trip that day so the beach was crowded to say the least.

We didn't stay long before it was back to the boat and a cruise back to the mainland whilst enjoying the sunset.

Hopefully the photos can show you the beauty of the bay and the route we took. There are of course fancier ways to see Maya Bay but I can't really see why you would want to when this option was perfect and stupidly cheap. This was back in 2011 so I guess prices will have risen a bit, but shop around on the island and I am confident you can nab yourself a similar bargain.

Don't forget once you are back on the mainland to go dance the night away at Slinky's, whats better than dancing under the stars with the sand beneath your feet.

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