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This wasn't the blog post I had intended for today but since I was ever so kindly nominated for the Liebster award this morning, here we go.....

Firstly a big thank you to Sarah from Sarahonthe808  for the nomination, it was such a lovely surprise to see your tweet this morning. I have to admit I had absolutely no idea what it was so I did a little research and all became clear. The premise is nice if not a little reminiscent of chain letters from the 90's, however it is ultimately there to spread the word of up and coming blogs and that is certainly the category I fall in to. Despite reading up on the award there was no clear answer on the "rules" so I shall follow what Sarah set out:

• Thank the blogger who nominated you
• Answer their questions
• Nominate 10 other travel bloggers who have less than 600 followers (I am going for twitter followers and only nominating 5 travel bloggers)
• Ask them 10 questions of your own

The questions from Sarah:
1. Who or what inspired you to travel?
Life has inspired me to travel. Life is for living, I love to try new food, meet new people and explore new places. This will always remain my inspiration to keep on travelling the phenomenal world we live in.
2. Share one place you've visited that has changed you in some way.
Staying with a family in Yiwu, China. Those couple of days really showed me that despite language and cultural differences you can and will, always find common ground with whomever you meet. For me this time it was during a trip to a KTV venue where we all sang along to the Beatles and danced under the disco ball. 
3. Describe your travel philosophy in 3 words.
Seize the day.
4. Do you prefer beach or mountain? Why?
Tough call, but I do love the beach. Swimming in the sea, walking through the white sand and watching those stunning sunsets. 
5. When you feel it's time to plant roots for good, where will it be?
I would love to live abroad at some point but home for me will always be the UK- where, well that is still to be decided.
6. What is your favorite comfort food and have you been able to find it while traveling?
Roast dinners are my absolute favourite comfort food. They remind me of home and leave you feeling warm and satisfied. One of the strangest places I had a roast was in the beach town of  Sihanoukville, Cambodia. Surprisingly tasty but just not quite as good as my Mum's!
7. Do you prefer fun in the city or quiet in the country?
I am lucky enough to live in the beautiful English countryside, so when travelling I do like to explore the bright lights of the city. 
8. What has been your biggest challenge in life?
I am still only 22 so I reckon my biggest challenge in life is yet to come, although I do think backpacking around the world was a challenge in itself. 
9. Have you made plans for your next travel destination? Where are you headed?
No plans as of yet, but most likely to be short haul to somewhere in Europe- fingers crossed Croatia. 
10. What is one piece of advice you wish someone had told you earlier on in life?
I have always been given great advice, but I do like this quote:

I had a second nomination from OneWomanNomad , thank you very much indeed. Here are my answers to your questions:
1- What has been your favorite travel destination and why?
So tough, so I shall be general and go with South America. Why? The scenery, the cities the people the food. The list could well and truly go on and on.
2- If you could only carry 5 things in your backpack, what would they be?
A sleeping bag liner, i pod, bikini, top, trousers/shorts. What more could you need!!!
3- Do you have any funny communication gone wrong stories from your travels?
Indeed ! Upon arriving into Potosi after our bus journey from Sucre we got in a taxi to our hostel which we pointed to in the guide book, But oh no we weren't headed there instead we were en route back to Sucre. Thankfully the others in the taxi realised our mistake, spoke English and translated for us to explain to the driver- who kindly let us out !! 
4- Hostels or Camping. If you had to chose, which one and why?
Hostels, as after a long day sightseeing a bed is always better than the floor. 
5- Craziest thing you have ever seen while traveling.
The view you get from falling out of a plane was pretty crazy. I loved loved loved my skydive. 
6- Your greatest lesson learned from travels so far…
That wherever you go you will always meet lovely people.
7- Where have you met the most hospitable people on your journey?
Probably the Kiwi's but the Peruvian's would be a close second. 
8- How much time do you devote to maintaining your blog/social media each week?
Not very long at all. I need to get into it a bit more. Probably a couple of hours a week. 
9- Have you found ways to reduce time spent on your site yet still remain productive with the content and reach? If so, how?
I am no where near that technical just yet !
10- How do you fund your travels?
Through hardwork. Put the hours in and you'll always earn what you need for your trip.
11- Top 3 pieces of advice for anyone considering being a traveler/blogger.
I have no clue about being a blogger, but advice for travellers.... just do it, don't be scared and say yes to everything. Follow that and you are likely to have one hell of a time.
My turn to pass out some awards although I am only going for 5! I hope you will all get involved, but if not hey ho, if it makes you feel any better I was skeptical to begin with but I must admit to enjoying the process. So the next round of awards go to: 

Emma | @EmmaHart7 | Paperplanesandcaramelwaffles 

Tigger Bird | @7iggerbird | Tigger Bird

Relocation Junkie | @rjunkie_com | Relocation Junkie 

Hannah | @Hannahlogan21 | Eatsleepbreathetravel 

Nina | @NinaTraveling | The Grand Tour 

and the questions: 

1. Backpack or suitcase ?

2. Favourite city? Why? 

3. If I were to hand you a plane ticket for tomorrow where would you like to go? 

4. What is the best dish you have discovered whilst travelling? 

5. What is your best piece of travel advice? 

6. Do you have a favourite hostel/hotel? 

7. Share a favourite photo from your travels.

8. Scariest moment of your travels?

9. Bunk or private room ?

10. What is your favourite beach? 

Hopefully you will pass this on and if you do your own post, do pop a link in the comments below. 

Enjoy and happy travels everyone.

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