"The best beach in the world."

Not my words but those of the Telegraph newspaper back in 2007. A pretty bold statement some would say, but having visited the beach in question a couple of times myself I would have to say it is up there.

So where is this magical beach? Well it is Rodas beach located in the Cíes Islands off the coast of Vigo in Northern Spain. Far far away from the tourist hoards in other areas of Spain these islands are an absolute gem.

They are a short ferry ride from the mainland, making it the ideal day trip. What makes the islands so pristine is that they are a nature reserve so no hotels or buildings here, just a campsite and a couple of amenities where the ferry docks. The islands are reasonably quiet too so if you go exploring you will probably find a beach or cove just for yourself.

If you are ever in Vigo, which I would certainly recommend for its tasty underground tapas joints,  these Islands are an absolute must, and hey if the telegraph thinks its the best beach in the world it can't be that bad!

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