Black Water Rafting

New Zealand is famed for its adrenalin activities, yet if you asked most people what this means they would give you the obvious answer of skydiving and bungy jumping. What many people have not heard about are the spectacular caves in Waitomo on New Zealand's North Island.

These caves offer a different type of adrenalin activity and certainly give you phenomenal value for money. The Black Water Rafting Company provides trips for all physical abilities and price ranges so don't be scared as these caves are a must see.

The five hour "Black Abyss" tour is the trip I was lucky enough to go on, having skydived and completed the Nevis swing, this is still my New Zealand highlight. The Black Abyss begins by getting you suited and booted with all the equipment you need. A short mini bus ride takes you to the start of the caves. Here you abseil down a natural cave opening, before zip lining right into the very depths of the cave network.

You then grab an inner tube jump off a three metre ledge and float along the caves rivers. It is then lights out whilst you get to marvel at the incredible glow worms. A sight you will have almost certainly never have seen before. Over the next couple of hours you walk through the caves taking on various obstacles on route, culminating in scrambling up a fast flowing water fall- I certainly felt a huge sense of achievement reaching the top in one piece!

These caves are one of a kind and a must see for anyone who visits New Zealand. If I can climb to the top of the waterfall pretty much anyone can ! So go for it; don a wetsuit and get submersed in the wonder that is the Waitomo Caves.

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