Bliss on Otres

I stayed on Otres for 8 blissful days in a tiny hut literally on the beach. At a bargain $7 a night split between two it truly was beauty for a bargain. That said it was pretty basic, no air con or hot water here. Surprisingly however, there was pretty good wifi !! 

Otres is located a 15 minute tuk tuk ride from the centre of Sihanoukville. This meant it was much quieter and the perfect spot to relax. We spent the days lounging on the various beanbags and seats scattered along the beach, and our nights watching incredible sunsets. 



Otres is scattered with little beach huts to stay in, most which serve food too. I became quite a fan of the Khmer yellow curry served at a spot further on from where we stayed. There are no huge luxury resorts and hotels, in fact Otres doesn't even have a cash machine so make sure you bring enough cash to last for your stay!! 

Whilst Otres is very peaceful and quiet there is one little niggle which it would be better without.... The beach sellers, they pester you trying to sell you anything from sunglasses, to beauty treatments, fruit to freshly caught seafood. Whilst I must admit to taking advantage of lots of these things, it's when you say no the problems arise. They are often extraordinarily persuasive, and make you feel guilty for not buying from them. This can be quite hard going when it happens several times a day. 

That said as we were there for so long we were soon recognised and left alone, and many of the girls simply came over to chat to us. We discussed a whole variety, from what they were studying to their love of One Direction, they were really lovely and you soon realised that there was much more to them then trying to make money off gullible tourists. 

Rumour has it these sellers are much worse back in the town, so we were so glad to spend our time on Otres. I would definitely recommend it for any travellers passing through, it is certainly a welcome retreat away from the madness of some of the Thai islands. 


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